Also – what’s the deal with the intolerable hotness these past 2 days? And I don’t mean me with my shirt off. Yvonne promised me a thunderstorm tonight and I feel cheated.

Please god, let it be cooler tomorrow. I give you so much and ask so little in return, you can do this one little favour for me, ok? I promise when I arrive in Heaven I won’t embarrass you by showing everyone your baby photos. Remember when I was 10 and I gave you that ultimatum – that if I didn’t have superpowers by the time I was 11 I would stop believing in you? I realize now that you gave me the power to RAWK and also I am a super-kisser, but at the time I didn’t know (and thanks a lot for not letting me find out until 8 years later, you prick), so I apologize for being an atheist for 22 years. No hard feelings, right? I’ll make it up to you by converting Marlo. But after that we’re even and I’m going back to waiting out death on the couch in front of the tube. Is “Wings” still on?