What Are You Eating Under There?

I watched a lot of lovely ladies try on clothes tonight, as Anghold threw a clothes-trading party. I took a few items there but brought back a telephone, a Superman comic on tape, and some other nifty stuff, including a little case that will replace my old Country Crock margarine container as my long-time* dice domicile. It was a lot of fun. Highlights include Marlo trying on a Budweiser swimsuit, Chold burying himself in the pile of clothes and Miikey seeing him as a pile of trash and then being unable to resist humping him, and then MST3K-ing some terrible pornography. Yes, a night to remember.

*since 1990 or so, I’d wager. Truly the end of an era.

2 Replies to “What Are You Eating Under There?”

  1. Re: Country Crock tub disposal. How could you?? I don’t even know you anymore! I hope you’ll dontate it to the Smithsonian. Sob!

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