Super Fun Happy Slide!

What a packed day of fun and frivolity. I went to be at 5am last night after drawing and playing Snood, and I woke up at 8:45 thanks to Kodos trying to get into my garbage, and I decided to be on hand to record Woodsy’s interview on Studio 4 – a local cable program. I was going to just tape it with the timer but since I was up I thought I would see it through and cut out all the crap. The first half of the show was supposed to be young people into politics debating and the second half was supposed to be Chris. Naturally the politicians went over by 15 minutes so Chris only got a like amount of time. After that, I tried to go back to bread but to no avail, so I got up and started pricing the comic books I’m selling and waited for Anghold to call. She did at about 11 and we went to Falafel Magic for some falafel magic, if you know what I mean. Actually it was more like tabouli magic. It was a lovely day and I wished I was playing tennis but no time for that – because then Woodsy came over and we went out to see Army of One, which was pretty interesting but not amazing. We came back, we went to Rogers for snacks and possible movie-renting/buying but we ended up in the blEocVkbustIerL where he purchased season 2 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. We watched a couple episodes and it was pretty funny. At that time James & Marlo came over and James didn’t protest loudly enough when we decided to go for karaoke. I sang Elton John’s “Daniel” and Tears for Fears “Shout” and Chris sang some Frank Sinatra. Marlo sang some songs and I’ve already forgotten what they were but maybe she’ll enlighten us. Then we went for donuts at Decadent Donuts and we watched them put lard in a big fat fryer, among other things. Oh and we watched some hilariously gross and grossly hilarious shorts on the 2nd disc of the Tenacious D DVD. I laughed and laughed until I stopped laughing! It was the most fun I’ve had for days and days!

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  1. So has it been long enough for us to read about your disgusting story yet? I’ll try and think of something gross an embarassing to tell everyone about myself if it’ll encourage you!

  2. and what did you eat in the way of fruits, veggies, and calcium that day? Remember, you have to stay healthy to look after me in my old age., XXXXXX’s, who

  3. Raisins, sunflower seeds, carrots, strawberries, banana – ok Mom? And for calcium -ice cream. Don’t worry Stewie there’s still some left.

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