Erection 2004

I watched an hour of the election debate today. The constant likenings of the debate to a boxing match is at best spurious and at worst annoying. In a normal debate – is somebody declared the winner? I guess in this case that will be decided on the deay of the election. Hey, that reminds me of that movie with Reese Witherspoon…American Psycho.

Now I am drawing and learning Japanese. Mata ashita!

3 Replies to “Erection 2004”

  1. you’re learn to speak japanese & write it. I picked up a bit of that when I was staying with my in laws for a month. Got some nice books.
    hajimi mashita Toren-sama.

    BTW I’ve been listening to a lot of Cthuhlu Strikes back on teh way to work. kind of nicely offsets my job in a ballet factory.

  2. since i don’t have tv i read about the debate in the paper today. sounded pretty bad. they apparently bashed paul martin and didn’t really cover the issues with any depth. no wonder canada is slowly sinking. we have a real lack of leadership. no wonder no one cares when it comes to voting.

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