Things to do in Vancouver when you're…*

Subject: James Bond Exhibition.
Last night Erin and I went to Science World for the James Bond exhibition. Highly recommended. Lots of props, vehicles, costumes, storyboards and Q’s gadgets from probably every movie. I won’t spoil anything because part of the fun is turning the corner and seeing one of your favourite Bond props right in front of you, but to give you an example: They have Jaws’ teeth. Yep. Whoa cool.It runs until September. $8.00 will get you in, but if you go on a Sunday or Wednesday, you can pay $11.00 and see a Bond film too. We stayed for Goldfinger last night. The movie changes weekly. Doors open at 6:30 and the movie starts at 8:00, and it’s recommended you get there right at 6:30 because there’s certainly an hour and a half of Bond stuff to see before the movie.
More info here (including movie listings):
Enjoy, Phil

Yes, this sounds like fun, and yes, we’ve got a 2 for 1 coupon for Science World and yes, I do have some free time week after next.

* Things to do in Denny’s when you’re fed
Things to do in the library when you’re read
Things to do in Springfield when you’re Ned
Things to do in the Ozarks when you’re Jed
Things to do in the pantry when you’re bread
Things to do in the future of the UK when you’re Dredd
Things to do in winter when you’re sled
keep ’em comin’

9 Replies to “Things to do in Vancouver when you're…*”

  1. Things to gape and stare at when you’ve stopped dead
    Things to awkwardly shuffle to when you say what’s already been said
    Things to tread mercilessly upon when you’re trying to plow ahead
    Things to be eaten by when you’re banana bread
    Things to roll on when you’re a human head
    Things to pick out of your belly when you’re doped up on meds

    Sometimes I’m gross.

  2. clothes to cling to when you’ve been shed?
    things to do in a courtroom when you’ve pled

  3. You know that movie – Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead – I took inspiration from the title to make the title of this blog entry, but I couldn’t think of a way to finish Things To Do In Vancouver When You’re… that was appropriate, so I just moved straight on to sillyness to cover it up.

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