A Riddle..for you…to solve…

Ok let me try this out…
There’s a mob…maybe the mob. Yes, the mob. And they’ve stop heisting trucks full of cigarettes (“what if your family didn’t like bread, they liked cigarettes?”) they heisted a truck full of barley. Yeah, that’s right. And they tried to unload the barley but the only people that were interested were some Scandinavian sailors who just arrived in port from a whaling expedition.

What would be a good title for this story?

7 Replies to “A Riddle..for you…to solve…”

  1. “Barley She Blows” ah, maybe “Lars, Karl and the Mob” or “The Beef Barley Soup Gang” or “Dock of Spilt Barley” or “Blood, Swet and Barley” or

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