Where Are Those Great Old Ones, Anyway?

In ’95 or ’96 we made a Thickets shirt with a design using my “Where the Great Old Ones Are” Maurice Sendak homage drawing. They were pretty successful but, true to form, we didn’t make very many. Since I get a request every once in a while from fans who want this Thickets shirt or that Thickets shirt, and all we’ve got left is one or two SpaceCorp shirts, I thought it would be a good idea to make some new shirts in concert with Stewie’s Spastic Fantastic Home Silk Screening Setup. I have been trying to think of some designs but then I thought – I’ve got the Sendak art lying around, why don’t we just do another run? There were a few concerns that the lines might be too fine, but we did some tweaking and decided to try it. We printed them last night and they turned out great! Chris printed one for me on the shirt I got earlier in the day from a garage sale – it’s a beaut. I’m quite pleased and I’ve already sent out emails to all the regular Thickets fans to tell them they’re available. Now we play the waiting game.

Oh, I hate the waiting game. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

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  1. i can get you t-shirts at a discouted price (slightly above wholesale). there is a wide variety to choose from. i have a brochure here if you want to look at it sometime.

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