Call me…unreliable.

Let me tell you the tale of Thomas. Thomas lived in New York (where he may still) – the state, at first. Mechanicville. Then he moved to Brooklyn. He came to Vancouver once, and he visited myself and Warren, and I went to New York (this was in 2000) and stayed with him while I was there. Thomas did all the electronic music on our CD Spaceship Zero (and the video game).

When I was going out with Tinessa, I made her a little song on my four-track recorder. The only copy was an audio cassette. When Tinessa and I broke up lo those many moons ago, Tinessa asked me, tears running down her face, if Thomas ever sent that tape back would I please send it to her (in Calgary – where she moved back to).

Margaret friendstered me many many months ago and was asking me about D&D nerds for some project she was working on, and I asked her if she had a copy of the video tape she took of our band playing in NY, because I had asked Thomas to a long time ago and he never had done so, and since I’m not talking to him, would she please mail me a copy if possible. She said that she didn’t think she had a copy and that I should talk to Thomas about getting one!

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  1. AH HA! You’re post title is either a reference to the original Frank Sinatra tune or… THE SWIFFER OCMMERCIAL! CHOOSE! CHOOOOOOOOSE AND PERISH!

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