Call me…unreliable.

I bet you have unreliable friends, don’t you? I do. I’ve become accustomed to it. I invite them to things, but I don’t actually expect them to come, even if they say they will. I consider it an added bonus if they do. Let me tell you the tale of Thomas. Thomas lived in New York (where he may still) – the state, at first. Mechanicville. Then he moved to Brooklyn. He came to Vancouver once, and he visited myself and Warren, and I went to New York (this was in 2000) and stayed with him while I was there. He had a big fight with his girlfriend Margaret while I was there, but that’s another story. Anyway, Thomas did all the electronic music on our CD Spaceship Zero (and the video game). He’s a bright guy, clever, talented, and fun to be around. But when we were making the CD, we waited a long time on his contribution. He was mailing it from NY, and he said he had to mail it three times…because I never got it until the “third time.” Now at the time I didn’t doubt anything he said – I had no reason to, really. At the end of the day, however, we got the music and I was and am very happy with it.

When I was going out with Tinessa, I made her a little song on my four-track recorder. The only copy was an audio cassette. Thomas offered to burn it onto a CD for her and Tinessa was excited about that. The way that would work was this: Tinessa would mail him the tape, Thomas would do the recording stuff at some studio he was working in at the time, and he would send back both the original tape and the CD. I warned Tinessa that the last time I expected mail from Thomas, it took a really long time, so caveat emptor, but go right ahead. She did. By now you’ve probably guessed that it never came back, even after repeated phone calls, offers of money, and pleas to just mail back the cassette – we didn’t even care about the CD copy anymore. The last I was told was that the whole completed project had been packaged up and was just sitting by the door waiting to be mailed. That was, literally, years ago.

So, I don’t talk to Thomas anymore. When Tinessa and I broke up lo those many moons ago, Tinessa asked me, tears running down her face, if Thomas ever sent that tape back would I please send it to her (in Calgary – where she moved back to). Of course I would, but it hasn’t come up yet. She did make a copy of the tape before she mailed it, but obviously it isn’t the same thing as the original. So, that’s a sad little story for you. But that goes beyond just being unreliable. As far as I’m concerned, Thomas was being deceitful, and almost 2 years is plenty of time to get off your ass and send a tape through the mail.

Anyway the punchline is Margaret friendstered me many many months ago and was asking me about D&D nerds for some project she was working on, and I asked her if she had a copy of the video tape she took of our band playing in NY, because I had asked Thomas to a long time ago and he never had done so, and since I’m not talking to him, would she please mail me a copy if possible. She said that she didn’t think she had a copy and that I should talk to Thomas about getting one!

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  1. AH HA! You’re post title is either a reference to the original Frank Sinatra tune or… THE SWIFFER OCMMERCIAL! CHOOSE! CHOOOOOOOOSE AND PERISH!

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