Most importantly…

I posted my first entry in my LiveJournal account today. Essentially it said to come here. While I was there, I noticed the “friends” feature. Seems I have a bunch of friends and I don’t know who they are. Such is the way of things in the world of internet aliases. So, bumblefreque, darkyoung, and earthbound01, when I confirmed that I was friends with a bunch of the people on the list, don’t be offended that you weren’t included. It could very well be that I do consider you a friend – I just don’t know who you are.

The construction noise was so loud, I thought the apartment building was in danger of collapsing. I don’t think it was just that I was half asleep that made me believe the building was actually trembling.

At one point, the machine noises were in synch with the techno music from downstairs.

I dreamt that I ran into Bill Cosby on the street, and I asked him if he made the pen noises on Picture Pages or if it was sound effects. He said it was sound effects. I also had a bit of a nightmare involving the thing from the movie The Thing – everyone in the world was being replaced with alien copies, and I was trying to find a secluded place to live where nobody would find me.

It’s come to my attention that you have to be a member of xanga to post comments. Therefore, I will sort out my webspace issues and move on. Don’t go to the trouble of becoming a xanga member just to comment. When I get things sorted I’ll repost all of these posts and you can comment then if you like. Zero tolerance for blog shananigans!

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  1. Hello. I am gwyryon. breklor is Andrew Brechin. If you don’t know, theturtlemoves is Adrian and endycarus is Jon, though he only rarely posts.

  2. well…and the child has multiplied to childs ~ one of each 4 and 2yrs to be exact. i am swell, been playing in the dirt alot, watching the rain fall alot makes me miss home 🙂 k

  3. Darkyoung=Corey Whitworth from Kansas City Missouri. Used to run the old Shub-Niggurath Fanclub website back when I had no social life. Ring any bells?

  4. I’m earthbound01, alex in the thickets yahoo web mail thing. I wanted to quietly show my thickets pride for livejournal viewers to see.

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