Tuesday, June 8

Well I don’t know about James, Norm & Mike but I had a lot of fun playing World Wildlife Federation of Justice. It was Metalligator, The Invisible Fink, and Bushido Dragon vs Fat Cat’s various gun-toting mooks and their first supervillain – Tarmadillo! I had to introduce Bushido Dragon into the game, and get everyone to meet at the same place at the same time (the midway) which took some doing. There was a lot of investigatory work–reminiscent of a Call of Cthulhu game, almost–but finally they got some action with some pickpockets on the boardwalk. Then they found out who was supplying the kids with stemroids followed Knuckles the ape back to the stemroid lab, where they fought the gun-wielding goons and Tarmadillo. We played to 11:30 and were still in combat when we called it. Maybe we’ll be able to finish it up next week.