The good news is that Chris Woods (aka Sid Swoorch for you Anagrandmas) is in town this weekend and we drove out to The Comicshop and Virgin Megastore. The bad news is that even with The Comicshop’s 30% off sale, I can’t justify spending 25 bones on a Hellboy graphic novel (or more for the amazing looking hardcover gn called simply “Lovecraft”). The good news is that at Virgin, Chris bought me the Tenacious D cd and the Tenacious D double disc DVD! Marlo “no voice” Carpenter and James “so voice” McBurney came over and we watched some of the stuff on the DVD – laugh riot. The other good news is that we annoyed the nice people at the Candy Aisle (which I’m sure you know is next door to The Comicshop) by coming in and out of the store by the back door. Hey, they left the door open. As a bonus, I bought a bunch of candy, including a Watchamacallit, my favourite foreign candy bar. Oh and also they had some really nice art books on Frazetta and Hellboy at The Comicshop too – I can totally write them off on my taxes but I should wait until Nov/Dec before I go all funny. Anyway I’ll be in Asia or New Zealand by then, right? RIGHT?! Sorry I’m swerving all over the blog road here….