So many things I had to do today! First, I played tennis with Sheri. Then I had to prepare Liam’s rpg project for pickup at 4:45. Then I had to go down to the bank*, and down to the record company to pick up some more Thickets CDs and drop off the artwork for Great Old Ones. (That reminds me I have to check to see if I have the DATS for GOO.) Then it was Chris’ art show and once there I had to remember to give Yvonne her Simpsons video tape, Marlo her Uzumaki books, and call Tea so that she could come and pick up a Thickets package (VHS, CD, photo) for a possible secret project. After 3 hours of chatting and meeting people we went to Denny’s (Chris & Ang and their relatives & Darren’s friend Simon, plus Stewie & Marlo & James & I) and then after that I went to Ursula’s to play Mario Party 3 with Anghold & Yvonne & Ursula. I would include the names of all the people at Chris’ show but it would require too much space and mental faculties. The point of all this is that I wore my brand new orange-striped black Converse – I broke them in. Christened them, if you will…(will you?)

Looks like there will be karaoke on Saturday after band jammin’. Sunday is D&D. I forget what I’m doing tomorrow and to make matters worse I can’t find my calendar! But I did get the trailer for Believers on DVD from Bob, so that’s keen.

*I did indeed initially forget to bring my camera to Chris’ show, but after I went to the bank I remembered that I forgot, and I came back to get it.