Thought of a new character today for my potential anthropomorphic animal superhero roleplaying game. Elongator – he’s like a Plastic Man/ Mr Fantastic alligator. I’ve got to think up a name for the supervillain cadre I’m creating. Let’s go through the list again:

Rhinosferatu – vampiric rhino.
Hypnopotamus – psionic hippo.
Elephantom – elephant with ghost-like powers (intangibility, invisibility).
Elongator – alligator with stretchy powers.

I think I need two more good ones to make the group complete.


I had two meetings today – the first was a VGG meet and the second was a “new band” meet. We still haven’t come up with a name but I think Faster Octopus! Krill! Krill! is out. We came up with a large list of cover songs we’d like to do and narrowed it down to four to try out at our first practice, which will be next month. It went really well and I’m excited about the possibilities. After the meeting I couldn’t get rid of Ang and Yvonne so we went and picked up Dalia, ate at Thai Away Home where I had some very strange yet delightful coconut “nectar” that tasted – we all agreed – like Chinese cake (you’d know it if you tasted it), and then came back to the house where we watched an episode of Mr. Show, an episode of Jem & the Holograms, La Femme Nikita and Saturday Night Live as hosted by Janet Jackson. I think SNL would be funnier if the actors weren’t constantly reading their lines from cue cards. There were equal parts knitting (Dalia & Anghold) and drawing (me and Yvonne). Plus I gave Dalia her birthday present which was one of those origami fortune tellers, but instead of fortunes I made 8 different activities (like “watch a movie” or “go for a walk”) which she said was the best present ever. I didn’t believe her though. We went on a snack run to Sunshine Market and it was like a junk food potluck.

You’re so vain…you probably think this card is about you, don’t you? Don’t you?

I was trying to find the Cthulhu art gallery that used to be up on the Wizards site and instead I stumbled across a Magic card about me stepping on bugs. Here’s a picture – read the flavour text: http://www.brainburst.com/db/search_result_card.asp?id=11095

I wonder who was in charge of the flavour text for 8th edition and whether or not it’s just a coincidence….