There was a dearth of garage sales today. A dearth I say! But I did get four videos and two boxes of pencils for only a dollar. Mostly I got the videos for the cases, actually. Plastic cases at the store will cost you a buck each. I also stopped by that sword store on Cambie – I forget what it’s called…Dragon’s Treasures or some such sillyness. I bought a letter opener sword. I didn’t really need it but I can probably use it eventually (not for opening letters of course) and I figured a store like that can probably use all the customers it can get, otherwise one day I’ll pop by to admire the halberds and the shop will be gone baby gone.

So, here it is: I hope the Canucks lose all their games. In fact it would be nice if they didn’t score a single goal from now until…well until I move out really. Normally I wouldn’t care one way or the other but I have these neighbors right next to me in the building who like hang out on the balcony during hockey games and shout “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and try to make passing cars honk their horns (both during and well after a game). They even have a hockey stick that is dangling some player (I assume in an opposing team’s jersey) by a noose, and a big Canucks flag in their window. So, I’m assuming if the Canucks get out of the playoffs as soon as possible it will simmer down around here. I was checking the TV listings to see if there was any good cartoons or documentaries on tonight, and I noticed the game tonight against Calgary. I’m dreading having to stay home to draw while the yokels get rowdy nearby. Oh what a curmudgeon am I!

There, I said it.