What kind of an idiot do they take me for?

From: Staples Canada
To: thickets@uniserve.com
Subject: Subscription Unsuccessful

The email address [thickets@uniserve.com] that you are trying to unsubscribe
is not in our mailing list.
Please refer to the original message you received for the email
address that is contained within our mailing list and send an email
to mailto:unsubscribe@email.staples-deals.ca
with your email address in the subject line.

Of course I am not trying to unsubscribe to their “mailing list” because I have never belonged to their “mailing list.” They think they’re so clever.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in Lovecraft-based graphic novels, you may wish to browse here: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/vt_display.html?cm_vt_itemCode=lovecraft&month=February/