So, how was the Superbowl this weekend? Like I care. Painting miniatures was fun and productive. I got 4 done including 2 newly purchased grimlocks, Aili’s halfling rogue, and a grick. The grick turned out the best, and was the last one I did. I also started a slave girl for Spaceship Zero but only got half way done (if that). James and Denzil and Chris Gibbons and Anghold and Stephen Danic and of course Stewie were present. I was hoping Jamie would show up but he failed me again for the last time. I won’t type out the details of who brought what food because that’s the sort of thing I find boring when it doesn’t directly affect me, so consider that a favour from me to you, the reader.

And then Stewie sat on the couch and straightened up as he obviously sat on something, reached around and pulled out my new spikey flail which he looked at for a moment with a blank expression on his face that made me laugh, laugh, laugh.

Oh and Liam and I worked on our RPG today. It was good! We are going with a sci-fi/fantasy amalgam involving a tense cease fire between the nation of elves and the nation of robots. We got a hit location chart worked out that I’m pretty excited about. We came up with four stats: Strength; Dexterity (Agility?); Mind; Power. I think that’s all you need to know at this time. We had the meeting at Drexoll Games and when other people came into the store to play Legend of the Five Rings (it’s a card game) Liam became astonishingly distracted. So next week we’ll meet here at my place.