PALM Alert! The origami meeting this month is on the 28th – and for a change I have no prior commitments! Who wants to come fold paper?

Another day with no work done.

Today I met Janet, at long last! Marlo and Janet and I went for dinner (takeout) at Falafel Magic where there was kind of some uncomfortable mojo going on, involving an old lady giving dirty looks and the guy behind the counter yelling out “NEXT PLEASE” when it was quite obvious that the “next” person was right there and ready to order. Then we went to my place and we all chatted merrily as we ate. We watched a couple of Mystery Science Theater 3000 shorts and as a result, when we watched Fritz Lang’s Metropolis we MST3K’d it up quite a bit, made only worse by the fact that it is a silent film. It was a hilarious and fun night and we vow to have an MST3K viewing soon. Now, verily, I am inspired to list the episodes available, for obvious reasons:

MST3K: The Movie (This Island Earth) – my favourite.
Time of the Apes
Mighty Jack
Danger: Diabolik
Gamera VS Guiron
Night of the Blood Beast
Rocketship X-M (my second favourite)
Manos: Hands of Fate
Laserblast (a good one)
I Accuse My Parents (another good one)
Atomic Brain
Giant Spider Invasion
and 6-8 others.