Kaba Kick is Russian roullette…for kids!

And that’s…one to grow on.

I’ve got a virus on my computer and it’s cagey prey. “worm mydoom.a” it seems to be. Two virus checkers have been able to detect it, but neither of them can do anything aboot it. The file is in a directory that I can’t seem to access and ends in .CPY. Any suggestions?

Look at me, all not working and stuff. I went downtown today and I ate a two dollar hotdog at the corner of Georgia and Granville. You know the guy – right outside the new London Drugs there. It was worth the $2 – and he had 4 kinds of mustard including cranberry-mustard. And sauerkraut. I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling but I’m going with it. Sometimes I like to eat things that I normally just don’t. It’s been a long time since I had a hot dog. I also got two Dungeon magazines at Golden Age collectibles for 99 cents each (they’re normally ten bucks) so I’m pretty happy about that. One of them has “dungeon dressing” cut and fold-outs: columns; throne; pedestals – that kind of stuff. That in itself is kind of cool. One the reverse side of every Dungeon Magazine (for those of you who don’t know – there are two magazines that go with D&D – Dungeon (which is full of ready-made adventures) and Dragon (which is everything else – new monsters, spells, etc) is “Polyhedron” magazine. Polyhedron publishes little mini-games using the D&D rules. One of these new mags has a game called Hijinx a “mini-game of animated pop adventure.” Think Josie & the Pussycats, Jem & the Holograms, Jabberjaws and (if they were in a band) Scooby Doo. I would like to play that game. But, as it is, I quit my semi-monthly game of Mutants & Masterminds for a while. Just too much other stuff going on. Plus it’s in that zone where it’s too far to walk but too close to actually read any meaningful part of a book during the bus ride? You know how it is. So that doesn’t help. FOR OBVIOUS REASONS