Stephane has put up a “Dealios” web page for really good daily deals around town. Look at it at and send suggestions to

This just gave me an idea that will probably burn out pretty fast: Toren’s Buddy Profiles!!!

First buddy profile: Stephane Dubuc

Stephane is from Manitoba. I have known him for several years. I met him online somehow (I don’t remember the exact details), like many of my friends, because he was interested in Spider-Man cartoons. We share many interests, but mostly cartoons. He was making a CD of the music on the old 1960’s Spidey cartoons (which is great, by the way) and I had some episodes he didn’t, and vice versa. This was before they started running the episodes on Teletoon. Stephane is helping me to make a Thickets DVD. You will have seen him at any of my Saturday morning cartoon parties and birthday auctions. He has a camper van. He loves the barter system. He sneaks into movies. He is a mystery shopper. He’s a fantastic photographer. He plays piano. He has 2 cats, Brown and Grey. He’s dating Sheri, and they’re moving into a new place together this month. I don’t know how old he is. He looks like this