Free Car Rides

If I ever write a book I’m going to call it What I Don’t Know. They always say what I don’t know could fill a book, so, it’s like, destiny, man. Hopefully this way the book will write itself, really. Because how could I?

How could I?

I went into Chilliwack this weekend but now I am back. Amber drove me out there on Friday and fed me well, and we watched Fubar. I helped her roommates move out in the morning. Moving boxes was fine (good even), but waiting for the cigarette-smokin’, Wildcat drinkin’ dregs of humanity leave their filthy urine-soaked townhouse that the nice people were moving into was decidedly not fine (bad even). Many parts of Chilliwack remind me of the East Side of Vancouver, only the shops close earlier and there are more babies.

Then I got together with Woodsy and we had a laugh-a-minute time playing Magic: The Gathering, driving back to Vancouver, and watching The Animation Show at the Ridge. Tonight’s the last night and I definitely recommend it. It’s at least ten times better than Spike & Mike’s. We picked up Marlo on the way to the theater and as always it was fun times. I think Chris and Marlo bonded over Iron Maiden. Oh, and while I was in Chilliwack I saw my brother briefly along with Garett, Lea & Colin. Some of you may wonder who, exactly, these people are, and I will, at this time, leave you to that.

Amber, who lives in Chilliwack, is in and out of Vancouver visiting her new boyfriend a couple times a week, so I may be visiting Chilliford/Abbotswack (as Marlothotep says) more than just once every 2-3 months. Maybe I’ll even make it to a band practice! And speaking of the band – we may have a show on March 19 at the Railway Club (is that confirmed Stewie? Merrick wants to know who we’re playing with. I’m more interested in whether or not we’re going on before midnight.)

Today, I have a mentor meeting and then tonight, a miniature painting party. When will I fit in working?