I am tired from being more or less on my feet all day. I think I had a cold for about 3 hours today. I seem fine now. Everybody is having a really good time at the nerd con this weekend. I forgot (or actually – didn’t have time) to blog about meeting Liam on Friday. Liam is my mentee, he’s great. He and his mom and his friend came by the con today and played Talisman (extendo-version a la Allan Dotson). More on all that later.

I just really wanted to blog to say that I got my highest Scrabble score ever today…I don’t even remember what it was but it was between 429 and 439. I got QUARTET on the first play – so really it was just luck. Marlo & I discovered a new technique where you take your letter and you actually just put it down in stupid places on the board until you get a word that works. I got rid of my last letter (“z”) that way – it was hilarious to accidentally keep getting rid of nuisance letters in the last few moves of the game.