If the unit that measures radiation wavelengths is called an angstrom, what do they use to measure angst?

I just finished posting a rather long entry in my private diary, so I don’t feel up to writing anything profound on the public blog. But it’s not just because I’m tired of writing. What happened today was something extremely personal and yet something that I knew for some time to be inevitable. If you think you’re a person who knows me well enough to ask personal questions, then feel free to ask me about it next time you see me. For any casual readers it will have to suffice to say that I have made a decision that in the long run will be the best for everyone involved, but at the moment is very painful. Don’t get all worried ‘n’ shit – everything will be fine (better than fine) in time.

I will add in this little anecdote – as I was walking home with tears running down my face I bumped into a friend on the street. I say “friend” but in fact I really don’t know this fellow too well. Anyway, throughout the entire conversation I was (being a man) constantly wondering if he could tell that I had just been crying – and if so was he (being a man) pretending not to notice it just as I was pretending that everything was fine? The whole situation was tragically hilarious and could easily be adapted for a scene in…oh let’s say a Wes Anderson movie.