I woke up this morning remembering my dream, but now I can’t remember it. Good thing I recorded it on my little dictaphone. Let’s hear what I had to say in my state of grog:

“I was visiting a house that I used to [garble mumble] as a child…and all the…like…the shape of it was there…the skeleton of the building – of the house was all there. And so I was walking, wandering around through the skeleton because the stairs were still intact. Otherwise it was completely bare, except for there was a hole in the basement, and I could see down. And there was this guy down there, and he had a horse, but the horse had really stubby hind legs, and it was like a pony – it was tiny. It was like a dog size. And so I started talking with this guy, and I told him that this was the house that I used to live in, and asked if I could look around, and he said OK, and he was kind of sketchy, and his horse-dog kept licking me, and then I got to this door and I said “do you mind if I open this door and see what’s behind it?” and he said….uh…I asked if I could and he said “no” and then the dog started biting, like…took a grip t- …my wrist and just would not let go, and so I started panicking, and then this lady came over and she had an animal of some kind as well. I don’t remember what kind. And she couldn’t see the dog – like, she had a mental block or whatever. She couldn’t see this guy’s pet, and he couldn’t see her pet. And that was the end of the dream.”