The Invisigoths

I thought of another good band name: The Invisigoths.

Kids, if you’re ever on Fir and 7th, there’s a really good French restaurant on the northwest corner. Kitty corner to the Diane Farris Gallery. Poutine and hot goat cheese salad for all.

Yesterday Marlo, Mr. Chris and I went to Opus to buy art supplies. I went to the till twice inside 10 minutes and was served by the same clerk – she didn’t recognize me. In fact, inbetween trips, she mistook me for Mr. Chris. I deem her an idiot. Hmmm. that could be a good ESL dialogue. I bought pencils and paper and some really neat pens. After we got back we played Scrabble. Then I went to Coquitlame to enjoy late night swimming with Ang Hold and then I raided her fridge. She drove back and we played Conquest Beyond.

You know…for fun!

I think I have finally caught Mr. Chris’ cold. The good news is: I am a cute girl – KISS