Paying For Commercials

Mr. Chris AKA Stewie AKA my roommate got the Firefly complete series on DVD yesterday in the mail FOR FREE! He also got free movie tickets in the mail today. I’m waiting for him to open the envelopes to see what movies they’re for.

I think everyone should be like me: when you pay $5-13 to see a movie, and you’re sitting in the theater, and then they start rewarding your patronage with Coke and car commercials, close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears and go LALALALALALALA.

Or better yet throw things at the screen and yell BOOOOOO!

I think if everyone yelled BOOOOOO during commercials they’d stop showing them and our quality of life would improve. Or we could go on hunger strikes.
Well, not me, of course. But you guys could.