Wal-Mart bashing.

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Wal-Mart bashing.

Do with these reported facts what you will. They are taken from a PBS documentary.

Musicians are at the mercy of Wal-Mart’s stringent content rules, forcing many to create “sanitized” versions of their albums specifically for the discount chain.

The rapid turnover – 70 percent of employees leave within the first year – is attributed to a lack of recognition and inadequate pay. The majority of its employees with children live below the poverty line. The health insurance package is so expensive (employees pay 35 percent – almost double the national average) that less than half opt to buy it.

“Buy American” banners are prominently placed throughout its stores; however, the majority of its goods are made outside the U.S. and often in sweatshops. By taking its orders abroad, Wal-Mart has forced many U.S. manufacturers out of business. In 1991, labor inspectors found labels for Wal-Mart brands being made in Manhattan’s Chinatown. There, 16 and 17 year-old Chinese immigrants without permits had been working for one month without being paid.