A very Thickety blog entry.

Nobody believes I can drive.

I can drive. I really really can. I have a license and everything. I just don’t have a car. In fact, I do some of my best songwriting while I’m driving and while I’m taking a shower (I was going to type “while driving and taking a shower” but that would be wrong on more than one level) which is tragic because I rarely have ready access to my dictaphone during those times.

Yesterday Marlo and I played a board game I created many many moons ago. It was fun and Stewey did a bad thing: he told me I should finish it. So last night I started working on a bunch of revisions when I should have been working.

After that short visit with MarMar I took the bus to Stephane’s, borrowed his car, drove to Chilliwack, where the sun meets the rain (rainbow!) and practiced with The Thickets. Warren’s in Australia so it was just Mario, and Boob Foostie is coming back into the folds of rockdom for this special Hallowe’en show. It’s been over 2 years since Bob played with us. It should be fun and exciting. At the moment we’ve got 21 songs on the set list. Including some awesome oldies we haven’t played for years and years. So, come and see us on Hallowe’en at the Marine Club. Word is we’ll have all-new costumes, too.

From the “and you thought it would never happen” department :

Geez I’ve been reading too much of that Mad Magazine I got in the mail.

Cthulhu Strikes Back: Special Edition, is finally ready for consumption. Originally slated for, I think, May or June, then slated for “summer 2003”, now at long last here in Rocktober, just in time for Hallowe’en, the CDs are finally done. Phew! I’ll assume they’ll be on amazon.com and cdbaby.com shortly, and they’ll be listed on http://www.divineindustries.com/Thickets.html as soon as they update their site. In the meantime, you can get them from me!

Is anybody moving next month? I’ll help you move.