Fourth night of the play. My back hurts. I woke up with a dull pain (which then became a sharp pain, which then became a which leads me to blame a poor sleep. Another night of sleep may fix it, or I may need a massage. I’m actually not the kind of guy who goes around getting in on massages. They seldom do anything for me. They don’t relax me. I’m usually pretty relaxed at room temperature, so to speak. When I need a massage I need the kind that hurts: the meat-tenderizer variety; strong hands required. Anyway, the play went fine despite the pain. Have you noticed that typically pain gets worse later in the day? I actually think that it’s not the pain that gets worse, it’s your body that gets more sensitive. It’s true! And you know what else? The later in the day it is, the better things taste. ENZYMES. Yes. Which is ironic because it’s unhealthy to eat really late (i.e. 4 hours before you go to sleep or some such bullshit). My grammar has gone to pot. Strongbad would scold me.