Third night of the play – better than last night. It’s coming together, right now, over me. Had some guests tonight: Jon, Michael, others. Five in total. Also my agent came out as well. Everyone said they enjoyed it. Of course they are known liars. I botched up one of my lines, and I’m not sure why. It just kind of dropped. The line was “My client commited an act. He has been tried and found guilty of certain charges regarding that act.” For some reason, on the last word, I started thinking “act?” is that the right word? “Act?” I don’t know why I started second guessing it all of a sudden. Then I started to go backwards through my lines in my head, until I realized Idiot – you’ve got more lines to deliver…get going! And so I started stuttering out my next line. Then I recovered. I’m sure everyone noticed but it all happened in a split second so it’s no big deal. NO BIG DEAL!!!

Today I did s.f.a. Didn’t even get to do laundry because it was octopied. Mostly I fiddled around on the internet and went through my video tapes. I am trimming down my cartoon collection. Streamlining, if you will. Optimizing. I am taping over some stuff that I have, typically stuff that is of poor quality anyway so no love lost there. Goodbye Transformers: Beasties. I am excited about some of the second season Justice League episodes coming out though – from what I’ve heard they’re head and shoulders above the 1st season, which were entertaining, if not perfect.