The Play I’m In

Fifth night of the play. I now get two nights off. Tonight was a pretty good show. I didn’t forget any lines. There were some lines I couldn’t deliver because some of the other actors forgot their lines that queued my lines, but it didn’t make any difference.

So on the second night of the play, I noticed that there was a board with all the actors headshots on it, which I guess is set up in the lobby just before the people (audience) arrive. I also noticed that my headshot was not on it. Obviously Dave had just forgotten to ask me for a headshot, and nobody noticed that mine was missing. Or nobody cared. So I meant to ask Dave about it (in some way that didn’t make me sound like a snarky whiner) but I forgot until last night–it was bothering me that much. The short version is that I brought my headshot, which is now fully 3-4 years old, in today, and I imagine they put it on the board. Mostly, I did it for you. I didn’t want to have to explain to any of my friends that came to see the play why my face wasn’t alongside the rest of the cast – firstly I can’t think of a more boring topic for conversation and secondly I don’t know what the answer is. I suspect that, as I mentioned, Dave just forgot. He’s a really smart guy and without a doubt he knows his stuff, but he does have D.A.S. (Dottering Absent-mindedness Syndrome).

Do you ever get in that mindset where you’re working out something and it just absorbs you – it’s a fantastic place. Though you may be on the bus or at work, you try to tune out the world so you can get back in that place where your brain is working on something you can truly get behind. Today I was working on a storyline for a Spaceship Zero adventure. I started thinking about it as I was walking to the bus stop, and though I brought some reading with me, I didn’t touch it. When I was on the bus I avoided all my usual people watching to figure things out… Is this guy going to secretly be bad or is that too stereotypical? What would happen if the heroes didn’t take this certain action? Oooh, what if the antagonists used this tactic?… that kind of stuff. I used to get into that (I hate to use this word:) zone all the time when I was writing stuff for Power Enterprise (my super-hero roleplaying game), but these days real life gets in the way all too often. Coming up with stories from nothing is something I never get tired of.