Tonight Ween is playing, and I can’t go because of the play. Toren is sad. Even if I could go, I probably shouldn’t for monetary reasons. Hopefully Stephane will videotape it for me, if he’s going.

Tuesday Queens of the Stone Age is playing. I want to go see them, but I haven’t bought a ticket yet. I’m not sure if I will. I might be doing other stuff that night, I don’t know yet.

The good news is, this month sees a new Wheatus album. Remember that song “Teenage Dirtbag?” That’s Wheatus. I never really took much interest in them until I borrowed the CD and listened to it repeatedly while The Thickets were on tour one year. Turns out all the songs were quite pleasing to my ears. Now their second album is coming out, I only hope it’s as good.

As you all know, I am generally against blogs that just circulate URLs around the net, but this one is a particularly fascinating read: The Worst Jobs in Science (Fart smeller, Barnyard Masturbator, Isolation Chamber Tester, and more!). Thanks again to Phil….

In other news, nothing in this image actually moves, it’s all your brain: