Second Night of the Play “Aggravated Assault”

Second night of the play – went much much more smoothly than last night. Although, in the intermission, I was supposed to put a chair onto the set. I forgot to do that. So during my scene I just grabbed it out of the dressing room and started my scene by carrying the chair on stage and sitting down, instead of starting the scene already sitting. It worked out fine. I forgot to mention that Dave (the director) gave us all gourmet jelly beans before the play on opening night, along with a personalized card for each of us. Tonight we didn’t get any jelly beans, so I compensated by buying orange Smarties.

I also went through the big book of coupons and tore out everything for Commercial Drive (that’s where the play is). Until now, I have only rarely been to Commercial Drive. What a fuckin’ weird street that is – a real salmagundi of classes, styles, and misc urban specimens. There is really no other street like it in Vancouver.

The crew invited me out for beers, but I declined in favour of going home and finishing my drawing. Which I did.