Happy Birthday Grandma!

Hot on the heels of my grandpa’s birthday – my Grandma is 83 today. I wish Eudora could filter emails by their content rather than having to rely on the “from” or “subject” fields. Spammers are getting awfully clever these days. Oh, how I despise them.

Marauders 032 In need of fuel, Enterprise discovers a mining colony that is being controlled by Klingons who are bullying the inhabitants and hoarding their supplies.

Not a bad episode, if you don’t count T’Pol’s outrageously over-sexy catsuit. And of course, there’s the fact that the aliens look exactly like humans but with funny foreheads.

The Seventh 033 T’Pol is is dispatched by the Vulcan High Command to capture a fugitive that has eluded their authorities for nearly two decades.

Pretty dumb! Captain Archer is a big baby.

The Communicator 034 Reed and Archer retrieve a communicator left behind on an alien planet, but are captured in the process.

Oooh! Ooh ooh! They should have got the Coen Brothers to write/direct this episode. It’s a good premise, they could have made it a lot more entertaining though (though Trip’s arm being partially cloaked was nice). Boos: getting “surgically altered” to pass as aliens.

Singularity 035 On a “typical” day on Enterprise, the crew finds their routine tasks turn into uncharacteristically strange obsessions over trivial matters.

I missed this one.

Vanishing Point 036 Following her first experience in the transporter, a series of eerie events leads Hoshi to question whether she is the same person.

Horrible. Please, no more transporter accidents that result in hour-long plights. Just kill the bastards like in Star Trek the Motion Picture.

Precious Cargo 037 Trip rescues an exotic alien woman from her kidnappers, but ends up on an unexpected romantic adventure.


The Catwalk 038 When a deadly radioactive storm threatens Enterprise, the entire crew must take refuge for eight days in a small maintenance shaft.

Missed this one too.

Dawn 039 Trip is fired upon by a territorial alien and forced to land on the night side of a moon.

Okay, this was done before on TNG a couple of times. If you guys need some ideas, I’ve got a notebook full…

Stigma 040 T’Pol’s standing on Enterprise is threatened when it is learned that she has contracted a deadly disease.

I like the idea that mind melding has a long-term degenerative effect. I also like the idea that not all Vulcans can mind-meld.

Cease Fire 041 When a military conflict erupts between the Vulcans and Andorians, Archer is brought in as negotiator.

Not my favourite Andorian episode, but still, not too bad.

Future Tense 042 Enterprise finds a small craft adrift in space that contains what appears to be a human corpse, one the Suliban and the Tholians both try to retrieve.

Yays: Tholians! Yeah! Mysterious dead guy who is part human, part vulcan, part terrellian, part Rigellian.

Canamar 043 Archer and Tucker are mistakenly arrested and placed on a prisoner transport vessel bound for the penal colony Canamar.

Missed this one too.

The Crossing 044 Enterprise is swallowed by an otherworldly vessel occupied by noncorporeal creatures who seek to trade consciousnesses with the crew members.

Eugh. Typical Star Trek non-corporeal entities that possess humans. Dull dull dull.

Judgment 045 Archer stands accused before a Klingon tribunal of conspiring against the Empire, and faces a lifetime sentence on Rura Penthe.

Even though we’ve seen this in the movies, a Klingon trial is something I think that deems a second look. I like the way they did recreations from the various P.O.V.s, but I wish the Klingon legal system were even more fucked up than they portrayed it. Too many similarities with Earth (and more specifically Western) trials.