I went to high school in Chilliwack with Jordan and Josh Pratt. Jordan drums for The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Josh is an artist, like me, but not like me. He listened to Voivod, as I recall. He was also in a band called Eugene’s Axe – they were very heavy and he sang. He also wrote the lyrics to the Thickets song “My Tank” and some of “Slave Ship”. He did a bunch of sketches for the Spaceship Zero cd, and they were all very cool, but when we decided to go with a 1950’s style they suddenly didn’t fit in. I did end up using one, so he got a copy of the book anyway. This is not his resume, I’m just giving you some background before I type this: I was just informed he has art on his website joshpratt.com, so if you like art, go have a look.