I keep forgetting to mention this:

The book I co-wrote with Warren and others, Spaceship Zero the RPG, won an award last weekend. The Silver ENnie (second place – gold is first). Does that make me an award winning author? Either way, it’s pretty cool. I usually don’t put much faith in awards, but the ENnies are actually decided by public vote. Not that a million sheep can’t be wrong, but still. Adrian was at GenCon to accept the award for us (Adrian wrote some of it too, plus he’s so damn sexy) – for a limited time you can see his pic at www.greenronin.com (third photo down). Yes, the award is an oversize metallic d20 mounted to a plaque. Which is ironic because Spaceship Zero doesn’t use 20-sided dice. We won the award for “best non-open gaming product.” What does that mean? I’m not 100% sure. I do know that I’ve been watching episodes of Rocket Robin Hood all day long and it’s driving me APE-IN-HEAT-WILD!!!

So many colors that surround you
Some so bright I can hardly see
A light reflects on all the things that make you real
Things that make you truly free

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