The new Ween album comes out in 3 days.

Do you understand?

THREE DAYS UNTIL WEEN. “Quebec” it’s called.

I long to see another Ween concert. I don’t really go out to concerts that much. As a person in a band, who has spent hours in bars and clubs all over this great country of ours, who doesn’t smoke or drink, I tend to stay out of bars for a number of reasons, some which may be obvious, others not. But there are bands that I will suffer the jerks and the aromas and the lack of creature comforts, they are: Ween, Nomeansno/Hanson Brothers, Queens of the Stone Age. And others. They will always get me out – providing I know about them. Typically I have to rely on my friends (that’s you!) to let me know when concerts are. I don’t really read the straight on a regular basis. I do get some newsletters from certain bands in my email inbox, but rarely do they have much to do with me or my town, so oftentime I gloss over them. Gloss gloss. Did you know that you can listen to Ween 24/7/52/ at Because you can.

Anybody else going to see Eddie Izzard on the 29th?

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