Guilty Pleasures and Secret Shames

I am now the furtive owner of Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits (2 CD set). I used to listen to this (on cassette of course) when I washed the dishes every night as a teenager living with my parents. Listening to it now, there are a number of tracks that I don’t want to hear. Thank Cthulhu for the CD Player program on my computer, that lets me edit the track order and remove tracks to suit my whims – then remembers my custom line up as the default every time I put the CD.

Favourites: Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) and Don’t Ask Me Why.

It was Janine’s idea to go down to Zulu’s. Yes I had been there only two days before but it was an impulse. This was an opportunity to take down my stack of crap CDs for tradesies. And so I did. I got $83 in credit so I got the new Radiohead, the newest Flaming Lips (on the strength of the one song on the mix CD that Anghold made for me), Cake “Comfort Eagle” and The Strokes. But where’s Billy Joel? Well, with the smaller stack of CDs that they didn’t want, we walked down to Music Stop (right by Oscar’s and I Love Hats* on Broadway & Granville) and traded in the rest – that provided me with the Joel. My alternatives was some Filter album, Slayer “Reign in Blood” and the Dracula soundtrack.

* The British middle-aged lady was the perfect choice for the counter at I Love Hats. The only other person I could picture in the hat store was Queen Latifa’s sister. Janine went in to look for a certain pink fedora, but walked out with a grass cap of some kind. I did not buy any hats. I Hate Hats – I’m waiting for them to open that store.

A bird bit me today.
Two days ago Nathan invited me out to go to punk rock karaoke at The Cobalt tonight. I told him I wouldn’t go. But I did go to his place for a while just to spend some quality time with him before he went out. I looked at all the books on his shelves, and we listened to “Damn Your Eyes” by Johnny Cash after I damned Nathan’s eyes. It’s a great song and I had no idea it existed. Daniel and Josh were there, both of whom I have not seen in, like, forEVer. They went out to the Cobalt but I did not. Nathan has a love bird, but it did not live up to its name. It bit me rather hard on the finger. Before I left for home, Nathan gave me a staff. Yes, a nice long wooden staff. I can use it for my art reference photos. I had a lot of fun walking home with this 7-foot long staff, pretending I was a shaolin monk and freaking out the straights. With this new staff, I now have two staffs. I believe that’s quorum for a legitimate staff party.