Toren’s Taiwan Trip 7: Love River + Lotus Pond Kaohsiung (First Visit)

FEB 24 2022

Still in Kaohsiung! But not for much longer. Took a walk around mom-in-law’s neighborhood by myself and observed some things! For example…foliage!

I liked this pizza food truck

How traffic works:

What is this I see? Jackfruit or durians or something growing right in the public park?

Here’s a pedestrian/bike overpass with a covered seating area, over the Love River

Erica and I took a train North towards Lotus Pond, and then rented some Ubikes to ride around Lotus Pond.

Subway station has a barber!

A weird store with fun western clothes

\It was smelly and rife with mosquitos, but I liked it. We didn’t go in, but I think you’re supposed to go into the dragon and come out the tiger…

Right across the street was a great bakery, we got a lot of treats!

These are just your average doors for buildings in Kaohsiung!