Toren’s Taiwan Trip 6: The Dome of Light & Korean BBQ

FEB 23 2022

Still staying at mom’s place in Kaohsiung, there’s a nice little breakfast joint right across the street where I would pick up breakfast for Erica most mornings in the city (I always was up and about first). It worked by Erica sending me a text message in Chinese which I would show to the staff, and then I’d hold out a handful of coins and they’d take whatever it cost. One of the great things about Taiwan is you don’t have to worry about tipping. Hopefully people are making a living wage!

Happy breakfast cafe!
I just really like the trees

We took the MRT to the immigration building for Erica to get some paperwork handled, and I got to see the Dome of Light at the Formosa Boulevard Station!

I love the welcoming vending machines in the stations, as there’s always something to feature on #torentries, like for example this salty sarsaparilla

As dusk fell, I drove through nightmarish traffic to a Korean BBQ restaurant to eat with the family, including Jiějiě (older sister) and her insane child, who enjoyed pretending to be a snake, hissing at the weird white man, and of course I played along, terrified!

Afterwards we took a little walk around that neighborhood and saw more things OF INTEREST

Bubble tea? Yes please
Scooters, scooters, everywhere

Next up: Lotus Pond!