Call of Cthulhu / Strange Aeons Miniatures for Sale

METAL miniatures facebook marketplace:

PLASTIC miniatures fb marketplace:

12 expertly painted cultists, metal $45
Shoggoth, about 3″ wide – resin $20

Dimensional shamblers (metal, painted – $15
Green polyp thing (plastic, partially painted) – $5
Serpent Man Cultist (plastic, painted) – $5
King in Yellow (plastic unpainted)- $8
Deep One in robe (plastic, painted) SOLD

Shoggoth, metal. RAFM – $20

RAFM Byakhee, metal, painted $30

Grenadier Call of Cthulhu Mini Loose Elder Thing (painted, metal) $10

Fungi From Yuggoth / Mi-Go (metal, partially painted) $10 for 3

Night gaunts Grenadier (small, 2) metal, painted. $5 each

Big night gaunt (middle) metal, painted – $15

Reaper Dark Heaven “Eldritch Demon” Cthulhu. Metal, painted, loose. $20

Deep Ones – $4 each

Deep Ones of Innsmouth

Serpent Folk – inquire

Serpent Men Folk

Servitors of the Outer Gods – inquire

Servitors of the Outer Gods – inquire

Tsathoggua (large, left, metal, partially painted) $15

Tsathoggua Grenadier Call of Cthulhu miniature (right) $10

Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath $20 painted, metal

Transparent purple “From Beyond” manifestations – plastic – $5 each
amorphous black creature $5, slimy worm thing SOLD, magic-infused obelisk $6 (all plastic)
Winged Polyp 2″ – unpainted. $8
Bag of adventurers and cultists and markers, plastic. $30
Bag o’ cultists, plastic, unpainted – $20