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$10 Graphic novels (deals on multiples, or make an offer):

Dungeon (Donjon) Graphic Novels

Dungeon (French title: Donjon) is a series of comic fantasy comic books created by Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim, with contributions from numerous other artists. It was originally published in France by Delcourt as a series of graphic albums; The series is a parody of sword and sorcery conventions in general, and specifically of the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. All of the characters are either anthropomorphic animals or other strange creatures. The “dungeon” of the title is, in the original series, a business establishment run by a mild-mannered chicken, where heroes come in search of adventure and treasure and invariably die. The timeline in the main continuity is described as the stages of day; the series that lead up to the dungeon’s creation are described in the (dawn) segment, the castle’s glory days are described as its (zenith), and its inevitable decay is described in the (twilight) stories.


The Early Years Vol 1: the Night Shirt $18

The Early Years vol 2: Innocence Lost $12

Monstres vol 1: The Crying Giant $85

Dungeon Parade Vol 1: A Dungeon Too Many $100

Parade Vol 2: Day of the Toads $30

Dungeon vol 1: Duck Heart $40

Dungeon Twilight Vol 1: Dragon Cemetery $20

Dungeon Twilight Vol 2: Armageddon $30

Dungeon Twilight Vol 4: The end of Dungeon $13

Dungeon Monstres Vol 2: The Dark Lord $12

Secret Wars #1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 – $5 each if you take them all

All the rest:

Amazing Spider-Man 342, 343: $2 each
Amazing Spider-Man 336 $3
Amazing Spider-Man 337 $8
Amazing Spider-Man 338, 339 $5
Excalibur Special Edition The Sword is Drawn 1987 1st Team Appearance $5
Terror Inc 1-4 and 7: $5 for all.
Tick Big Yule Log Special #1 – $3
Rick Big Blue Destiny #2 – $2
Clan Destine Preview $5
Clan Destine #1 foil cover $8
Clan Destine 2-6 $1 each