On the 12th Day of Life Day Chewbacca Gave To Me…

I have a podcast, and our sponsor is Toy Hutt. I have a lot of fun putting together ads for them, as you can hear in this mp3:

12 days of Life Day Toy Hutt

Just in case there’s any confusion, Life Day is the Christmas of the Wookiee planet, Kashyyk, as noted in the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978.

12 *unintelligible*  – Chewbacca
11 gooberfish – Jarjar Binks
10 oil baths – C-3P0
9 pod racers – Watto
8 IT’S A TRAP! – Admiral Ackbar
7 custom boxes – Yoda
6 *unintelligible* – R2-D2
5 fully operational battle stations – Emperor Palpatine
4 yub nubs – ewoks
3 light sabers – Obi Wan Kenobi
2 bounty hunters – Darth Vader
1 sweet deal at toyhutt.com – stormtrooper