Post Apocalyptic Miniatures update!

Remember a little while ago I designed sketches for a line of post-apocalyptic miniatures? They are now in the fundraising stage so they can move forward into production. If you’re a gamer or a fan of properties such as Gammma World, Land of the Lost or Thundarr the Barbarian then you will want to contribute to the indiegogo fundraiser campaign. There are a bunch of different tiers of support with different perks for each, so do check it out and help make it happen!



2 Replies to “Post Apocalyptic Miniatures update!”

  1. These are absolutely fantastic replicas. I love them and require them. I have visions of these terrific battles. Clearly you have been touched by the same breath of apocalypse. Not with a bang, but with a bunny. Toren, I feel sure that the movie will be a giant. Your illustrations are a gas. Perhaps you will get a kick out of my own apocalyptic vision in the land of the maple leaf. Searching for images I couldn’t help but notice your work beside mine. Welcome to the club, Roy Berger.

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