Bleek & the Metafriends – What and Why?

Primates promo art by Robert Wilson IV
Primates promo art by Robert Wilson IV

Last year I was approached by Troy Wilson to donate my artistic skills for Mark Shainblum’s writing for a charity project. I was quite tickled by Mark’s story which is an exceedingly clever mash-up/parody of Curious George and the Superfriends and as a fan of DC Comics, the Superfriends cartoon and monkeys I was happy to contribute.

It’s been a long road but the work is finally done and on May 4th the story will go live on Over the past week I have been showcasing some behind-the-scenes character design for the story.

When the big day comes and the comic goes online I’ll post a direct link to it, but in the meantime here is the lowdown:

What is Panels for Primates?
Panels for Primates is a charity anthology of primate comics that has been updating every Wednesday at ACT-I-VATE ( since October, and will be winding up on June 1st.   The ever-growing Panels for Primates archive can be viewed absolutely free, but if readers are encouraged to swing over to and make a donation.

International effort
The project features work by creators from the U.S., Canada, Israel, Britain, Mexico, Germany and Indonesia.

Loads of Canadian contributors

  • Lower Mainland – Toren Atkinson, Colin Upton, Jonathon Dalton, Scot Ritchie.
  • BC – The above Lower Mainland creators, plus Troy Wilson, Gareth Gaudin, and Simon Roy (all in Victoria).
  • Canadian – The BC creators, plus Mark Shainblum, Jeff LeBlanc, Clayton Hanmer (Toronto, ON), Kari-Lynn Winters (St. Catharines, ON), and Faith Erin Hicks (Halifax, NS).

Some other coverage of the project

Stats so far [ie. As of the Bleek story running.]

  • 31 stories
  • 50 creators
  • 105 pages (not counting the cover or the donation reminder pages)