Fungi #20

Thought I’d mention that I just got my contributor copy of the newest issue of Fungi magazine, now available for sale. My contribution is a single illustration of the Aztec death god Mictlantecutli that I did years ago, but apparently it still holds up!

After a 10 year hiatus, Fungi magazine returns with its biggest, boldest, edition yet! That’s right. Fungi, the Magazine of Fantasy and Weird Fiction is celebrating 25 years of intermittent publication with a spectacular issue #20 that is chock full of the wide ranging. Kinds of fiction and non-fiction its die hard fans have come to expect! Weird, horror, fantasy, science fiction, Fungi has it all in stories told by past masters of fantasy fiction, favorites of the fanzine world, mainstream authors, and talented amateurs. And topping the list of professionals will be the great Ray Bradbury himself! Also included is fiction by Ramsey Campbell, Richard Lupoff, Robert Price, and a dozen others. As usual, Fungi also features plenty of art by the best scribblers in fantasydom! So if you have a hankering to get away from the humdrum, there’s no better place to start that with Fungi #20!