Fungi #20

I contributed a drawing of Mictlantecutli to the new issue of Fungi Weird Fiction magazine. Writing by Lovecraft, Ligotti, Price, Long and many more. Check it out on,, Barnes&Noble, and Borders. Read on for more info:

Fungi, the Magazine of Fantasy and Weird Fiction is celebrating 25 years of intermittent publication with a spectacular issue #20 that is chock full of the wide ranging kinds of fiction and non-fiction its die hard fans have come to expect! 

 Weird, horror, fantasy, science fiction; Fungi has it all in stories told both by past masters of fantasy fiction, favorites of the fanzine world, mainstream authors, and talented amateurs!

Topping the list of professionals will be the great Ray Bradbury himself with a lengthy panegyric that has not seen print for 45 years! Accompanying this great find will be an article by James Persons, Jr. on “Ray Bradbury at 90” (appearing exclusively in Fungi. direct from the pages of National Review Magazine).

Other professional offerings will include stories by Richard Lupoff and E.P. Berglund led off by horror master Ramsey Campbell!

Next, revisit Lemuria and follow Thongor or Valkarth as he penetrates the Kovian jungle to find the “Witch-Queen of Lemuria,” a new tale of Lin Carter’s Thongor the Barbarian, the first since those halcyon days in the 1960s when the star of Robert E. Howard’s Conan was in the ascendant! This new tale comes direct from the pen of Robert M. Price, literary executor of the Carter estate and uncrowned king of the fanzine world.

A regular feature of Fungi over the years has been its spotlight section and this issue will be no exception to that rule with a clutch of brand new stories of the weird, the bizarre, and the strangely coincidental by David Daniel, Kerouac scholar and author of a half dozen critically approved novels of hard boiled mystery!

A favorite of many past issues of Fungi will be returning as well with SF/fantasist Colleen Drippe represented by a pair of strange stories; Clark Ashton Smith scholar Ron Hilger has turned in a new tale of Zothique; and editor Pierre V. Comtois adds to his canon of horror tales with “Forced Conclusion.”

In addition, Fungi #20 continues its tradition of introducing talented newcomers to the ranks of weird fiction including Adam Walter and Dale Phillips among others.

And of course, what would Fungi be without art? Be on the lookout for eye catching pieces by C. G. Porter, Toren Atkinson, Steve Lines, and Marie Melechinsky all of whom will do their best to maintain Fungi’s reputation as an artzine.

And speaking of art, just as Fungi #19 featured the work of classic fantasy artist Gervasio Gallardo on its cover, so too does Fungi #20 with a cover adorned by the work of fantasy grandmaster Bob Logrippo!

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 List of contributors (so far!)

Fiction and non-fiction by:

 Ramsey Campbell; Robert Price; Ray Bradbury; James Persons, Jr.; Clark Ashton Smith; Dale Nelson; Richard Lupoff; E.P.Berglund; Thomas Ligotti; Glynn Barass; David Daniel; Ed Ford; Henry J. Vester III; Colleen Drippe; Ron Hilger; C. G. Porter; Adam Walter; Dale Phillips; Don Webb; H.P. Lovecraft ; R.J. Zimmerman; Joshua Shapiro; R.H. Benson; Andrew Seddon;Gregorio Montejo; Frank Belknap Long; Leah Cyr; Pierre V. Comtois;

  Art by: 

Bob Logrippo; Toren Atkinson; Steve Lines ; Marie Melechinsky; Theodore Kittelson