World Wildlife Federation of Justice: Switcheroo version 2

Back to the original idea. Switcheroo is one of those classic Batman or Flash rogues gallery villains. He’s always got a trick up his sleeve. He’s replaced the priceless diamond with a replica. You’re about to clock him in the chops – you just walloped your sidekick! You think you’ve tied his hands up – they’re fake arms! Oh the old switcheroo! Comments on the design are welcome.

One Reply to “World Wildlife Federation of Justice: Switcheroo version 2”

  1. I like the snake oil salesman look.

    Based on your written description, I tend to think of him dressed more like a magician. Black tux with tails. Which then makes me think he should have rabbit henchmen and/or a sexy female assistant (perhaps also a rabbit?).

    Also, is that a shepherd’s crook? The kind they use to pull people off stage? Or is that a cane? If you go magician, you should make it more like one of those magician staffs. The black one’s with white tips.

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