Back to Blogics AKA But She Still Brought Me Pie.

Oh Blogosphere, I’ve just been so busy! But It’s Saturday morning and the week of Trojan hell is over. My computer was infected about 8 or 9 days ago, I tried to fix it myself but ended up getting my hard drive reformatted and upgrading to Windows 7 which I am now slowly learning how to use. I hate reinstalling, changing all my preferences etc. This is why I avoid upgrading my programs when it prompts me too each time a new version comes out. Too much hassle for no payoff.

I took a day off work this week to get some drawing done on REGGIETOWN. It was supposed to be a 3 day draw-a-thon – Saturday, Sunday, Monday – but because of the virus I spent Saturday trying to fix my computer, spent Sunday at Joe’s watching TV while he tried to fix my computer, and then finally on Monday I got some proper drawing done.

This project is taking way way longer than I anticipated and all the other art dogs are barking at my door, not to mention a grumble or two may be heard from a certain common law spouse who is perhaps feeling a bit neglected. And I don’t disagree, especially after we had planned to drive down to her Aunt’s in Bellyham on Thursday for US Thanksgiving, but on Wednesday at about 4pm I got the call for an audition smack dab in the middle of the day. The rule in this business is if you want to be in good stead with your agent you do not refuse auditions. I might have refused if it was an on-screen beer commercial or something, but it was a voiceover audition for a comical gas product commercial. That would be good money, and exactly the kind of acting I prefer (voice).

So there was a bit of a row that day at Casa de Kodos but I know Deanna still loves me because she brought me back homemade pumpkin pie. AMERICAN PIE, like in the song (and movie, I guess – but I did not put my genitals in it).