Generation gaps can be indicated by your pop-culture references. I simply don’t understand this younger crowd. I played with “Transformers” and “GI Joe” in 3rd grade. They try to talk to me about “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and “Captain Planet”. I watched “Duck Tales”. They watched “Darkwing Duck”. I can’t relate to these people at all. We have nothing in common.

You can tell you are an adult when Hollywood is producing movies based on your childhood shows and toys. It means people your age are directing and financing blockbusters. If you are of my generation, it’s currently our golden age for nostalgia movies. It’s kind of like when they made that “Sgt. Bilko” movie with Steve Martin we were all like “what’s Sgt. Bilko?” (It was a sitcom in the 60’s)

In a few years we will be seeing trailers for the “Beanie Baby” or “Pog” movie and wonder why we don’t know anything about those. We will realize we are old and irrelevant and yell, as Shia LaBeouf yelled in “Transformers”: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!

One Reply to “Transformers…G.I.Joe…”

  1. That looked more like a Mel Gibson directed Smurf flick…

    Cartoon appeal shouldn’t be generational. I’m your age but I could tell when they were on that the Transformers was lame, along with many other 80s toons and shows you may be nostalgic about (but probably not). On the other hand, the kid’s shows of the later generations weren’t all bad. Sure, Power Ranger and Captain Planet were abominations, but as a funny animal fan are you seriously knocking a Disney TV cartoon? Disney TV in the Michael Eisner years was all good stuff.

    You’re probably right that we’re seeing a bit of our generation throwing money at things they remembered from childhood. But it’s just as likely that it’s part of this trend of lack of creativity in Hollywood lately that’s lead to so many big-budget remakes of 70s and 80s B-movies.

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