Mutilator Part I

So I finally ran my Gamma World/Spaceship Zero mashup “Mutilator” tonight with Caleb, Deanna, Geiselbert, Jladell and MikeJ. The character generation system was pretty rough (mutation overkill!) but we got some pretty interesting characters including a couple cyborgs, a mutant pangolin (see below) and an obese, short, radiation-sensitive, near-blind, glowing, dual-brained (one smart one dumb), telekinetic, telepathic, rubber-boned, mutated human with spring legs, a tail, gliding membranes, pincers, and a psychic blast who’s always hungry…

…who drive a hearse that would not look out of place in The Road Warrior.

They started as part of a colony founded on a facility that converts landfill to methane, founded by a nun named Sister Killbeard. They had fought off many a roving band of scavenging punks but when a small army of mutated cobras driving solar-powered monster truck unicycles and armed with particle weapons bore down on them from the top of the hill, their defenses were torn through like tissue paper. They all piled into the hearse and made a break for the emergency exit.

It’s been a while since I sat behind the GM Screen but it was fun, and we got to use my custom made Critical Hit chart twice (once for each time a snake got hit with Geisel’s laser eye). I’m looking forward to the next session.

In this desolate wasteland you will find gory, painful death around every corner. Bands of roving mutant cyborgs patrol the lands searching for easy marks to fill their bellies and gas tanks. Radiation storms and acid rain force savage tribes to squabble with knife and gun over burned out hulks. Creatures that were harmless before the Time of Reckoning have become gigantic mutated monsters with laser eyes and acid breath. Deathbots from the Old Wars adhere to their programming of relentless organic extermination. In the Wasteland death is a way of life!

I should really pick up Fallout 3 for XBox ASAP. Oh yeah – here’s a pangolin: